ViGyan Technologies is pleased to announce the online Gas Processing Course which will help Process/Chemical engineers to have a better idea and understanding about the design consideration and importance of Gas processing Units in the facility. This course will help to have advance knowledge and clear understanding about the design aspects of gas processing units.


  • The main intent of the course.
  •   To have thorough understanding on gas processing units
  •   To enhance design and simulation knowledge on these units
  •   To develop fresh graduates /process engineers for the industry.
  •   Focus on activities which are done in design firms
  •   Transparent knowledge sharing with a hand holding support

Course Walkthrough

The gas processing course focuses on all the main parameters which are required to design the facilities. More focus is given on the requirements and the conceptual aspects to be focused while simulating a Gas Sweeting, Gas Dehydration and Gas dewpointing unit. Activities will start right from understanding the process and developing the process simulation. All the participants will be given exposure of developing their own simulation models. Process deliverables for the package will be explained.

Who Should Attend

  •  Chemical Engineering Graduates interested to know Carbon capture process
  • Process Engineers with 3yrs onwards experience.

Duration of the Course: 3 days

Sessions Activities
Session-1 Amine Sweetening Unit
General Introduction
• Overview of an Oil and Gas Facility
• Detailed discussion on Gas processing Facilities (Amine Sweetening, Gas Dehydration and Gas Dew pointing Unit)
Process Simulations
• Understanding the Fundamentals of Gas Sweetening
• Gas Sweetening-Technology Selection
• Design Considerations of Amine Sweetening Units
• Modelling of Gas Sweetening Unit
Session-2 Gas Dehydration Unit
• Detailed discussion on Gas Dehydration Process
• Gas Dehydration-Technology Selection
• Design Criteria of Gas Dehydration Unit
• Modelling a Gas Dehydration Unit
• Process Flow Diagram
Session-3 Gas Dew-pointing Unit
• Detailed discussion on Gas Dew-pointing Process
• Gas Dewpointing-Technology Selection
• Design Criteria of Gas Dew-pointing Unit
• Modelling a Gas Dew-pointing Unit
• Process Flow Diagram

Note: Simulation modelling activities will be taken by industry Experts from EngiMates Resources and Energy Pvt Ltd.