ViGyan Technologies is pleased to organise the online Basic Simulation Course which will help chemical/Process engineers to have hands on experience on the concepts and understanding which working on process simulations. The intent of course is to give practical exposure of building a model, evaluating it and optimising the same.

The process simulations will be taken by industry expert from “EngiMates Resources and Energy Pvt Ltd"


  • The main intent of the course.
  •   To get started and explore the steady state simulation world without any fear.
  •   To develop nextgen process simulation engineers for the industry with real life thinking approach.
  •   Thought process development before actual modelling or building simulation.
  •   Focus on simulation activities which are done in the design firms
  •   Transparent knowledge sharing with a hand holding support

Course Advantages and Benefits

  • To know the key features of the program in developing quick flowsheet.
  • How to perform calculations using built in spreadsheets.
  • Understanding the Sub-flowsheet concept which effectively streamlines and organises simulation efforts
  • Quick and fast track tricks which helps in analysing the complicated models
  • Understand Workbooks, PFDs, and its interface.
  • Knowledge on various Utilities within the software.

Who Should Attend
 Chemical Engineering Graduates
 Process Engineers working in design firm for revamp and optimization studies.
 Production/Plant Engineers for tracking the performance of the plants and studies the impacts of varies process parameters.

Duration of the Course

Total Duration
2 Months (Saturdays only)

Batch Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Course Topics


The following topics are covered

• Getting Started
  Introduction to Simulation software. Setting up a first simulation case, flash
  calculations, utilities, and the workbook

• Oil Characterization
  Using Simulation Design’s oil environment to characterize oil
  GOR, CGR, and WGR matching

• Model the entire Oil handling train till the Export Pumps
 This scheme will include a separator, control valve, Pumps, Stabilizer Columns, Cooler, Shell & Tube heat exchanger Unit operations

• Gas Handling Train - Compression System-2 Stage
  Develop a Two-stage compression model
  Use recycle unit operations to converge looped models in steady state

• Hydraulics Using-Pipe Segments
  Use of Pipe Segment Unit operation

• Gas Dehydration Unit -TEG
  Model TEG Unit and associated Equipment
  Model Contactor and Regeneration Loop

• Propane Refrigeration Loop
  Adding and connecting unit operations. Build a simple flow sheet

• Reporting with Simulation Software.
  Explore the different methods of reporting data from simulation